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           Karen Axelrod

           Certified CranioSacral Therapist

Holistic Bodywork for

Infants and Children

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CranioSacral Therapy

  • Learn how early therapy on newborns and infants can possibly reduce the percentage of central nervous system problems.
  • Explore the developmental landmarks that occur month by month during and after gestation.
  • Practice working with infants and children in a supervised environment.
  • Discover a 10-Step Protocol you can perform to help evaluate a newborn.
  • Discuss ways to apply CST to children with learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, seizures or other health challenges.
  • Explore special topics such as understanding the birth process and treating the pregnant mother and fetus along with the new mother and newborn, and working in a conventional obstetrical setting.
  • Learn how treating the entire family and its dynamics powerfully impacts the healing process and health of the child
  • Practice working with infants and children in a supervised environment
  • Understand and apply important knowledge of specific brain anatomy/physiology to fine-tune the CST treatments
  • Apply an understanding of the gestentional process to facilitate cellular change within the infant/child who has experienced difficulty in their embryological, fetal development
  • Gain more insight into the etiology of some childhood ailments and disorders
  • Increase creative dialoguing and imagery skills in the application of SER to pediatrics by focusing on "cell talk"
  • Learn the application of five new treatment techniques for infants and children

    Infants  plagiocephally -- flat spots or misshapen heads.

    compression of the baby's skull bones in order to come through the birth canal

    interventions such as vacuum extraction, forceps, long or short labor or C-section


    These issues include reflux, torticollis, colic, sleep issues, birth trauma, head shape and more.


    Babies who are premature or who have been in intensive care

    breastfeeding issues

    birth trauma

    John Upledger, who founded the form of CranioSacral work that she practices, maintains that immediate CranioSacral work on newborns would prevent or minimize 80 percent of common childhood ailments, including ear infections, allergies, reflux, colic and hyperactivity.


    Young children  For children, this work is beneficial for learning difficulties, immune dysfunction, ear infections, injuries or falls and more.

    Teens  emotional issues, growing pains, hormonal changes, learning disabilities



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    Lymph drainage for infants and children

    immune system

    colds, flue, viruses

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    Infant massage

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    About prenatal massage

    "I developed high blood pressure during my pregnancy and I had tremendous swelling in my feet. Karen was just wonderful. A lot of massage therapists don't want to work with pregnant women, but Karen really knew what she was doing."A.F., Palos Verdes, CA


    "Prenatal massage allows you the special time to take in a deeper sense of self, therefore relieving stress, lightening emotional strains, and relieving some physical discomforts. As I continued with prenatal massage through my third trimester, I was able to be more calm and comforted with the anticipation of the delivery of my first child. Prenatal massage made a difference in my overall comfort throughout my pregnancy and in my ability to feel in touch with my baby."H.G., Manhattan Beach, CA, first-time mom who resumed prenatal massage throughout her second pregnancy


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    "I was really moved by my son's CranioSacral session. It exceeded my expectations. He was absolutely blissful for the rest of the day."A.P., Palos Verdes, CA,

    mother of a 3-year-old





    "The infant massage really helped my son sleep better last night! And the technique for gas really seemed to work."M.O.,
    South Bay