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CranioSacral Therapy for Cranial Nerves 1

The 12 cranial nerves are a key part of our nervous system and contribute greatly to our wellbeing. They oversee the five senses of smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste. They help to maintain homeostasis and regulation of our heart rate, breathing, digestion, and blood pressure. They assist in maintaining our equilibrium and balance. New research shows that they play an important role in social engagement, trauma recovery, and human survival in mammalian social groups.

Like any other nerve or physiological structure in the body, cranial nerves can become dysfunctional due to a number of different reasons: osseous or membranous restrictions within the cranium or cervical region; inflammation; injury, disease, or trauma; demyelination; poor intracranial pressure; or poor vascularization and blood flow.

CranioSacral Therapists are in a unique position to be able to directly affect the recovery and function of cranial nerves through their structural and energetic practices. This course focuses on the anatomy and physiology of the 12 cranial nerves, how they might become dysfunctional, and how to help restore function using new and existing techniques derived from Upledger CranioSacral Therapy.

The course carries a prerequisite of CS2. Throughout the workshop, students will receive comprehensive information on the 12 nerves beyond what is covered in other Upledger CST classes. As such, this course provides an excellent optional preparation or support for those moving into or already practicing advanced pediatric CST (CSP), obstetrics CST (CCPB), or The Brain Speaks (TBS) work. Click here for a flyer.
May 10 -13, 2018  Toronto
Sept. 13 -16, 2018  Cincinnati
Nov. 8 - 11, 2018  Dallas
Students and teaching assistants who attended the
CSCN1 class at the Upledger Institute in May 2017.


CranioSacral Therapy 1

In this class, you will learn to:

  • Describe the scientific foundation and principles of CranioSacral Therapy - and why it's the key to relieving pain and dysfunction at their source
  • Identify the subtle craniosacral rhythm and interpret its patterns to accurately evaluate dysfunction and improvements
  • Locate the source of physical problems by traveling through the fascial system
  • Release dural tube restrictions to enhance interactions between the central nervous system and the rest of the body
  • Learn treatment approaches to numerous common ailments such as TMJ dysfunction, head and neck pain, central nervous system disorders and more
  • Put an effective 10-Step Protocol into practice right away
March 11 - April 8, 2018 Big Sur, CA

Mention my name, "Karen Axelrod", when you sign up for CS1 and pay only $595, regardless of when you register. Course fee increases as the run date gets closer.
CS1 in Redondo Beach, CA -- February 2017



CranioSacral Therapy 2

In the Upledger four-day CranioSacral Therapy 2 class we study:

  • Sphenoid dysfunctions as diagnosed and treated by Dr. William Sutherland, the "father of cranial osteopathy"
  • Cranial base dysfunctions, the masticatory system, hard palate, facial bones, mandible, and temporomandibular joint
  • Energy cyst release via regional tissue unwinding
  • Facilitated segments in the spinal cord
  • Whole body evaluation, incorporating new material and elements from the 10-Step Protocol

None currently scheduled.  Check back soon.

CS2 in Dallas, Texas -- November 2017



CST Techniques Certification
Applicant Preparation class

The one-day class will prepare you for the process of taking the Upledger CST Techniques certification exam. While not designed as a complete academic review, this class will help you learn your strengths and, therefore organize your next steps in learning. The more you prepare academically prior to this class, the more you will integrate your knowledge during the class.

This class offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Ask questions about the three CST Techniques Certification exams and practice sample tests.
  • Learn what subjects are particularly important for you to focus on when studying for certification.
  • Gain insights into how to best utilize your time in preparing for testing.
Click here for a flyer.  Course fee: $160 ($175 if paid after Dec. 1) 
Dec. 8, 2018  Los Angeles, CA



Clinical Applications of CST 

These hands-on, practicum-focused courses help experienced or newer therapists sharpen their CST and SomatoEmotional Release skills. Classes are limited to just six participants and are held in an informal clinical setting where participants treat real clients and each other. Clinical Applications classes feature different areas of study so students can receive specialized, small-group training in the topic of their choice. 

All Clinical Apps classes offer the opportunity to:

  • Gain expertise in blending and melding through in-depth explorations of neutral therapeutic presence.
  • Fine-tune palpatory skills.
  • Review other material of your choice.
  • Participate in in-depth group discussions with your colleagues.
  • Build confidence and skills in preparation for Techniques or Diplomate Certification testing.

Clinical Applications of CST and SER

June 5 - 9, 2018  Ranchita, CA

Prerequisite: SER1

Location: Mountain Valley Retreat, Ranchita, CA

Practitioners who have taken at least Upledger’s SER1 course will:

  • Review the SER process, including integration of therapeutic imagery and dialogue.
  • Delve deeper into vector/axis integration and alignment, meridians and chakras, and energy cyst location and treatment.
  • Practice each position involved in multiple-hands sessions, including that of lead therapist.

Click here for a flyer.

Clinical Applications of CranioSacral Therapy

These hands-on practicum-focused courses help experienced or new therapists sharpen their CST and SER skills. Classes are limited to just five participants, and are held in an informal clincial setting where participants treat real clients and each other.

June 17 - 21, 2014  Los Angeles 

In this particular class, course content will be geared toward each student’s specific learning objectives. In addition to treating real-world clients using multi-hands CranioSacral Therapy and also treating fellow students, this class focuses on the 12 cranial nerves. Participants will learn anatomy, assessment, and specific treatment techniques for the cranial nerves specifically geared toward their level of experience – beginning, intermediate, or advanced.

Prerequisite: CSTII.

Practitioners who have taken at least Upledger’s CST II course will:

  • Learn to better read the client’s needs through Whole Body Evaluation.
  • Gain expertise in blending and melding through in-depth explorations of neutral therapeutic presence.
  • Fine-tune palpatory skills.
  • Learn anatomy, assessment, and treatment techniques for the 12 cranial nerves.
  • Review other material of your choice.
  • Participate in in-depth group discussions with your colleagues.
  • Build confidence and skills in preparation for Techniques or Diplomate Certification testing.

Location: IPSB, Culver City

Local airport: LAX. 

Clinical Applications of CST & SER, June 2017 

CranioSacral Treatment Sheet

For current CST therapists . . .  click here to download an easy-to-use treatment tracking form, as used in the Upledger Institute clinic.


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What students said

about the CSCN1 class:

  • “This was the best CST course I’ve taken.”
  • “Karen made working with the nerves fun and easy to learn, using the CST paradigm in a way that we can immediately apply to our practices.”
  • “Well researched, beautifully taught.”
  • “Karen totally simplified the cranial nerves and made them very ‘accessible’ for us both intellectually and within our hands.”
  • “This one was great!”
  • “Karen takes very complicated neural information and breaks it down into digestible pieces.”

What students said about recent Clinical Applications classes:

  • "This was one of the best learning experiences I had, including one of the most healing.”
  • "So far the best. I feel my skills enhancing.”
  • "I love the small group setting. Key for my learning.” 
  • "Invigorating, renewing, incomparable.”
  • "This workshop is very different -- tons of practice. Love this meeting site too."
  • “One of my best-ever learning experiences...and in a great setting.”
  • “Exactly what I needed!”
  • “I gave two treatments when I got home and that is the first time I really felt like a cranial therapist.”